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Guatemala 2006

December 2006
UNICAR /Open-heart Surgery, Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology

Heart Trust's first trip was a great success. It took place at Unidad de Cirugia Cardiovascular de Guatemala (UNICAR), in Guatemala City, Guatemala.


With the help of our local counterparts, our team of eight medical professionals provided cardiac care for 25 patients and performed the following procedures:

  • Six open heart surgeries,

  • Ten interventional cardiac catheterizations,

  • Nine ablations.


Our HT surgical team was composed of surgeon Mark Galantowicz, anesthesiologist Aymen Naguib and perfusionist Tom Beaulieu working with local surgeons Juan Leon, Oscar Veras and Ivan Vides and their surgical team.


The cardiac catheterization team was led by cardiologists Mark Boucek, Kak Chen Chan and nurse Ellen Moquete working with local cardiologist Enrique Barillas and his team. Cardiologist David Chan partnered with local cardiologist Gozalo Calvimontes and his team in the electrophysiology lab. Betsy Tirado, R.N., assisted in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and gave lectures to the local nursing staff.

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