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Heart Trust is a “brain trust” composed of highly skilled medical professionals specializing in pediatric cardiac care.

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Registered Charity: 501(c) 3# 20-5536661

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            Upcoming Trips                

November 2019 Guatemala

Comprehensive site assessment, open heart surgery and electrophysiology mission to UNICAR (Unidad de Cirugia Cardiovascular de Guatemala), Guatemala City, Guatemala. We will be bringing team members from cardiology, surgery, anesthesia, perfusion, O.R. nursing, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, respiratory therapy, echocardiogram and bio-medical engineering.  Our team members will work closely with the local team to determine that standard of care requirements are being met in each discipline. We will be concurrently running an open heart and electrophysiology mission.  

March 2020 Egypt

Open heart surgery mission to Cairo, Egypt.  We will be performing open heart surgery working hand-in-hand with the local cardiac teams at Abu El Reesh Hospital and Al Nas Hospital in Cairo. More details to follow!

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