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Guatemala 2008

January 2008
UNICAR /Open-heart Surgery, Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology


A total of twenty-nine children were given the chance for a normal childhood and the hope of a full future.


Of the twenty-nine procedures performed:


  • Nine were open-heart surgeries,

  • Sixteen interventional cardiac catheterizations,

  • Four ablations,

  • Eight diagnostic catheterizations.


We attempted two additional ablations without success (we will try again next time!).


The Heart Trust surgical team included surgeon Mark Galantowicz, anesthesilogist Hamish Munro and perfusionist Kevin Charette; the local team was led by surgeons Juan Leon, Oscar Veras and Ivan Vides. Our cardiac team included cardiologists Mark Boucek and Kak Chen Chan, assisted by Ellen Moquete, R.N; the local team included cardiologists Mauricio O'Connell and Enrique Barillas.  Our EP team consisted of Dr. David Chan and Tami Ackey who worked hand in hand with Dr. Gonzalo Calvimontes and his team.


We are pleased to report that all the children were discharged shortly after our departure and are safely ensconced in their homes.

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