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Guatemala January 2019

January 2019 - UNICAR Electrophysiology

The Heart Trust team performed twelve ablations in four days, working hand-in hand with the local Guatemalan team. Our primary focus was to assist with complex cases and work closely with Dr. Mirna Alvarez to assist in increasing her proficiency level. We also invited Dr. Fernando Vidal, from CEDIMAT, Santo Domingo, to participate in this mission. His inclusion in this trip was meant to further solidify the professional relationship between the Guatemalan and Dominican Pediatric EP programs, while also increasing Dr. Vidal's exposure to complex pediatric cases.

We are optimistic that with time and experience, the Guatemalan program has the potential to be a center of excellence in Central America.

The patients were all successfully ablated. We believe that Dr. Alvarez received excellent hands-on experience in a comfortable environment. Dr. Vidal proved to be very proficient with the patients, and worked well with Dr. Alvarez. Both the Guatemalan and Dominican EP programs benefited from the trip and we look forward to continued program partnership. The EP program was assessed, with minimal suggestions for improvement.

At the end of the week, Dr. David Chan participated in the First Annual Dr. Aldo Castañeda Pediatric Cardiac and Surgical Symposium. The Symposium was organized by cardiologist Gonzalo Calvimontes, the Director of the Pediatric Cardiac and Surgical Program at UNICAR. Our medical team has been working closely with Dr. Calvimontes for the last 16 years. In addition to his role as Director, Dr. Calvimontes is also the Director of Arrhythmias and Electrophysiology.

At the request of the Director, Dr. Gonzalo Calvimontes, we plan to return in a few months with a full team of medical professionals covering each discipline of pediatric cardiac care. A thorough assessment of the program will be undertaken in order to ensure that the Program continues to maintain stellar standards of patient care.

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